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Docs Who Faked Pulse Helped Las Vegas Docs With Their Own

By LivingOnPlanetZTags Las Vegas Massacre, Las Vegas 2017 Shooting, Las Vegas Shooting, crisis actors, hoax, fake, Sandy Hook, fake shootings, drill, gun control, staged, concert, Stephen Paddock, Steven Paddock, Steve Paddock, Jack Beaton, Melissa Ramirez, Kelsey Brianne Meadows, Laura Shipp, Keri Lynn Galvan, Patrick Purdy, shooting hoax, shooting hoax, truth, aliases, fake news, Donald Trump, Mandalay Bay, Resort and Casino, FBI, gunman, fortress, killed, injured, SWAT, Las Vegas Strip, country music festival, deadliest, mass shooting, route 91 harvest, Jason Aldean, victims, deaths, faked deaths,Date Added 13/10/2017Views 33Flag as inappropriate

Once one knows about the Pulse event, it only then makes sense that these doctors would do this.

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